The Empress of Great Plans

I have all these great ideas – designs for sewing, music, photography, writing, teaching, business, home, cooking, etc.  And I have ideas every single day, multiple times a day – but my follow through?  Not so great. I decided that what I needed was a “studio”; a formal, gorgeous, “this is where I go to get my creative on”, room that would house my computer, peripherals, piano, sewing machine, photography equipment, art supplies, books for inspiration and treadmill (that I don’t own yet) for when I needed to walk for inspiration.  The master bedroom in this house is huge – I figured I would put everything in there and I’d have a working space that would really be inspirational.


I decided that the azure blue of the walls wasn’t really conducive to my creativity and that I should paint the walls a light, clear, orchid.  Not a muddy perriwinkle, or a cloudy lilac, but a clear, saturated, orchid.  And then?  Well, the carpet would have to come up – I would put down bamboo mats, you know the ones, they’re usually under deck chairs at really swanky resorts.  They feel so nice on my feet and if I happened to spill something I could just wipe it up.

This was going to be perfect!  I’d have the most wonderful studio, with light streaming in from the big windows and everything I need right there.  I thought I’d go pick out paints, I posted that I was considering hiring someone to paint if for me and was looking for quotes.  I started to look on Craig’s list for the perfect furniture for this perfect studio of mine.  I’d paint everything very creative colors to again, inspire me to work!  Gosh, with all these ideas my studio will be ready in a matter of months!



I had to look, really look hard to realize that what I was doing was just postponing my art, my work. See?  I’m a great planner – I may be the Empress of Great Plans. (yes, that’s an official title) here’s my throne:

– and what I decided was that I have everything I need right here. The blue?  It’s actually quite nice and I have a framed sailboat lithograph and some lovely, matted and framed Russian Duck Stamps that look like they were made for the room. And I have plenty of desks and tables, that can go in there now and what I’m going to do is give the room a great, big, spring cleaning and then just start working.

Photo Credit: Cliff1066 Very cool throne made with silver and gold aluminum foil, craft paper, and other less than throne worthy materials. I thought it was perfect!

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