Penn Station Deli & Grill

I met a friend for lunch this week and she’d been talking quite a bit about this place, so that’s where we decided to go. Located on Pennsylvania Avenue in Dunnellon, this spot has been spruced up a bit since it’s last couple of incarnations.  There was a nice little lunch crowd and our server was friendly and kept the iced teas coming!  The menu has lots of different choices. My friend and I had sandwiches. She went with the Club

and I decided on the Blue Ridge Mountain Chicken sandwich.  The portions are huge, the sandwiches were very tasty and they come with fries in your choice of regular, Cajun, Garlic Herb or Malt Vinegar.  I got the garlic herb and they were delicious! The grilled chicken on my sandwich was fresh and juicy, the condiments perfectly tangy and delicious.

There is a large selection of Cuban choices and speaking to the gentlemen behind us that is what I will order next time.  They were raving about how fresh and delicious the Cuban Platter Special was. Lunch for two including a tip was about $25.  Delightful, friendly, fresh and delicious.  Nothing to complain about there!

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  1. I have been talking with a friend about a possible trip to FL and am so looking forward to a visit to Penn Station. The sandwiches and fries look wonderful and I hear breakfast or brunch can be pretty snashing,,,

  2. So happy that you enjoyed it. I was just reading your other review of Stellas and read about your love of anything Key Lime. Next time your at Penn Station you will have to try my new Key Lime Ice Cream made by Hersheys. It is so delicious and even has pieces of crust in the ice cream. I think you will enjoy it!

  3. The portions appear to be quite generous. At $25 for two the prices too are reasonable. Thanks for showing the place.