Horse and Hounds Restaurant

Horse and Hounds Restaurant is a favorite spot of a friend of mine and she’s always talking about what a great place it is.  When we both had a free afternoon, we spent it lingering over food and wine and really had a wonderful experience. Since it was a weekday, a bit later then the lunch hour, the restaurant was not at all crowded and we had no problem sitting for hours and just catching up with each others’ lives. We started with some of their home made soups… I chose the tomato dill

Tomato Dill Soup

And my friend chose the split pea

Pea Soup

Both were piping hot, well seasoned and really delicious. I think soups are under rated and it’s so nice to find a restaurant that actually makes their own soups and really pays attention to the flavors.

Then we ordered  the Crab Cake Appetizer, which was good.  I like a little more crab meat in mine, but the flavors were good and the presentation was nice. The chili sauce was really yummy.

For our main courses, we chose the BLT – which was really nice.  Fresh rye bread, generous portion of really well cooked bacon and fresh, thick sliced tomato.  My only complaint was that the lettuce was shredded which made a bit of a mess.  I think next time I’ll ask that they use whole leaves.  The cole slow was really good and I have no idea where they’re getting the pickles, but they’re great!

and the Quesadilla, which was terrific.  Generous amounts of chicken, cheese, tomato and black olives, served hot, crisp and melty with sour cream, salsa and guacamole.  I’m very particular about my guacamole and this was really good.

Our server, Doug, was great.  Super friendly and knowledgable about the menu, both food and wine.  My friend and I were there for a very long time and it was such a comfortable, friendly, tasty experience that I know we’ll be back often.

4620 E. Silver Springs Blvd.
Silver Springs, FL 34488

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