City Fire in The Villages

Sometimes, on my husband’s days off, we like to take day trips.  Sometimes we go to the beach, or a nearby city, but lots of times we head to the nearby retirement community, The Villages. This place is like Disney World for retired people. There are so many things to do, there’s live entertainment in myriad places, seven nights a week. There are three “squares”, where people gather every evening and listen to live bands while enjoying a cocktail or four with their neighbors.  When I grow up I’d like to live there.  There are tons of restaurants and we’re on a mission to try them all.  This particular day, we decided to go to a place called City Fire – and after dinner, the plan was that I’d walk around with my camera and take some pictures of the sights and the people.

The interior was nice, the people friendly – there was a rather active bar crowd for a Sunday afternoon and we were greeted by a friendly staff.  The menu didn’t have an enormous selection, but the choices sounded rather good.  We started with tuna poke (Sushi grade tuna, tossed with diced cucumbers, sesame seeds & sweet chili sauce, finished with a teriyaki drizzle) which was pretty good. The tuna was very fresh, the crostini was crisp and the wasabi was nice and fresh.  I did feel that there was a touch too much sauce which didn’t let the tuna shine, but it really was tasty.

Tuna Poke

Our other appetizer was the Oven Fired Manchego Cheese (wildflower honey, white truffle oil, chives, diced tomato, and crostini), which was remarkable. Gooey cheese sweetened with the honey on top of the crisp bread – really delicious.

Oven Fired Manchego Cheese Dip

My daughter chose a salad for her entree – The City Fire Nutty Cheesy Salad (Romaine, iceberg and spinach tossed in zucchini sour cream dressing, topped with shredded cheddar & seeds, walnuts, almonds, black olives & tomato wedges) which she enjoyed – the zucchini sour cream dressing was interesting, sort of a zucchini ranch.

Nutty Cheesy Salad

My son opted for the French Dip (Sliced beef with melted provolone cheese on a warm garlic baguette.) Probably one of the tastiest sandwiches we’ve seen yet.  He raved so much about it that we all had a taste (except for the pescetarian who got the salad)

My husband went for the Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf (Boursin mashed potatoes, asparagus, served with morel mushroom sauce).  While the meatloaf was definitely delicious, the real star of this plate was the Boursin mashed potatoes – absolutely wonderful!  I would like to see more vegetables on a plate of food in most of the restaurants we go too, but other than that, this was pretty near perfect.

Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf

I had the Turkey BLT Wrap (Sliced smoked turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo & mozzarella), which had nice flavors, but like in so many places, the wrap itself seemed raw – This could have been really good had they heated up the wrap, or browned it slightly on the griddle, just to get rid of that raw dough taste and texture.  It came with a tomato basil soup which was delightful.

We had to try the coleslaw, because I’m obsessed with slaw and this one did not disappoint. Basically just a good slaw, but the addition of jalapeno was brilliant.  Not too hot, but the warmth built up along the way… however, I didn’t bite into any jalapeno and I’m not really sure what they did because we devoured it before I got the chance to examine just where the heat was coming from. Delicious.

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