Feta Mediterranean Cuisine in Ocala

Ever since I heard the first whisper of a fine Mediterranean restaurant opening in Ocala, I was very excited.  Mediterranean food, in my opinion is some of the most delicious, thoughtful, comforting food on the planet and this Irish girl loves it like it was her own.  Specifically the flavors of Greece seem to me so warm, fresh and welcoming that I was really looking forward to trying Feta.  This past Sunday, my daughter Haley and I were out shopping and we decided that it was time to check it out.  Located in a two story, stone building on Broadway St, it’s easy to get to, but somehow seems tucked out of the way.  There’s plenty of parking in the lot and on the street and it’s far enough away from the square to avoid the crowds, but close enough to do some window shopping after lunch or dinner.

Walking in, we were greeted very warmly by the host who asked us whether we wanted to sit upstairs or down.  I chose downstairs because I like to see the action in the kitchen.  It wasn’t crowded, but it was between lunch and dinner on a Sunday afternoon and by the time we left it was starting to fill up. The menu is extensive, yet not overwhelming with the majority of your choices Greek, but a few nods to the Italian Mediterranean as well. There are lots of mouthwatering choices and we did have a bit of difficulty deciding. Our server, Paige, was adorable; super friendly, very patient with our indecision and willing to answer all four thousand questions that we had.

We started with the Mediterranean Trio which is Tzatziki (a cucumber yogurt dip), Skordalia (a sort of hummus, but made with bread and almonds and garlic), and Taramosalata (a miracle, that I have never had before, with fish roe in some sort of dip base).  They were served with warm, fresh pita bread and we devoured the whole thing.

Metirranean Trio

Haley decided to have the Greek “Village” Salad which was one of the freshest, most beautifully presented salads I’ve ever seen.  Haley remarked at how everything was obviously just cut to order, crisp and perfect.  Served in a beautiful bowl, that we somehow didn’t get into the shot – you’d think my kids would know how to take these shots by now, right?


But just look at how beautiful that was.

Village Salad

I couldn’t decide what to get, so I opted for the Greek Sampler… And oh my.  Even with Haley helping me, we took almost half of it home. Moussaka, Spanakopita, Pastichio, tyropita, chicken souvlaki, tzatziki sauce and a small Greek salad.

They phyllo dough was perfect! Flaky, warm, crisp on the outer layer, super tender as you got closer the middle and the warm packages of melty cheese, spinach… The bechamel toppings were amazing, the chicken super tender and perfectly cooked. The moussaka perfectly seasoned and savory. What we brought home was eaten by my husband and son and even then they were raving about the flavors (they didn’t get any of the tyropita or spanakopita though – Haley and I finished them).

Greek Sampler

We would absolutely go back again!  Dinner for the two of us, with a tip was a little less than $50 – and worth it. That’s an appetizer and two tremendous entrees, with enough to bring home and share.  Welcome to Ocala, Feta – we’re glad you’re here.

We ate way too much to even consider dessert, but we did notice the dessert refrigerator contained very familiar (and delicious!) desserts – some of our favorites from Stella’s The Modern Pantry. Good to know if you’re jonesing for a tart on a Sunday.

Feta Mediterranean Cuisine
306 SW Broadway Street, Ocala FL
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