Slyce Bistro Ocala

This afternoon, my daughter and I were out running errands and participating in a little retail therapy in some of our favorite stores.  We were getting hungry and couldn’t decide where to go, when I remembered that I’d heard really good things about Slyce Bistro.  Since it’s very near our house, we decided to give it a try and boy were we glad we did.

Located in a very small space, it’s easy to overlook, but trust me – don’t.  We were very warmly greeted when we walked in –  by the staff, as well as other patrons – it’s a very friendly space so we were immediately comfortable.  There are only about seven tables and a couple of them were taken, but we were told to sit wherever we liked.  It’s very cute and casual with nice little touches here and there. Our server Theresa, came over quickly and took our drink orders.  I got the unsweet tea which was freshly brewed and my daughter had the French Vanilla coffee, which smelled like heaven and Haley assures me that’s how it tasted.

Looking over the menu, there were lots of tempting choices.  Theresa told us that the Arancini (Chorizo and Swiss stuffed risotto, breaded and fried, served with smoked tomato and garlic aioli) was not to be missed.  We decided to give that a try as well as a small pizza.

We waited what seemed like a long time for the Arancini, but when it arrived, I could see that this was made completely fresh and to order.

When we put our fork into one of these crispy, piping hot balls of yum, the steam that escaped smelled so good!  Crispy fried breading on the outside, with creamy, cheesy risotto on the inside… and the smoked tomato sauce underneath… what a treat!  The aioli was garlicky and delicious and we were very happy that Theresa recommended them.


When we were done with them, the plates were whisked away and the pizza arrived – which was a pancetta and sun dried tomato pizza.  Again, this was super fresh and piping hot.  I hate to bring this up again, but I’m from New York and you know how we are about our pizza right? Well.  This did not disappoint.  The crust was perfect.  Not too thin and crispy, but just enough crisp and wonderfully tender!  I’m surprised by how many times I have pizza and the crust is so tough it makes your jaw ache.  This was perfect.  The sauce was delicious and the cheese was gooey and abundant!  So delicious.


 We each had one slice and were so full, that this came home with us and is currently in the fridge…


There is an extensive wine list and the prices for pizza and sandwiches were more than reasonable.  There are higher priced entree items that sounded wonderful and we will definitely be back soon. Super friendly, super delicious and a mile and a half from my house.  There’s a turkey and brie sandwich on the menu that I might not get through to next week without trying.  Definitely give Slyce a try.

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